By: Melvin Mendoza

There are several Filipino expatriates who are working as teachers in UAE and are excelling in their professions.  They are distributed and are doing well in the different educational institutions with either international or Philippine based curriculum.

Even with the pressures of working with high urban demands and workloads, they were able to participate in different activities of the Philippine Consulate such as socio-cultural, environmental or economic affairs.  One of these activities is the annual Bayanihan wherein they are always part of the program.  After the success of Bayanihan 2010 held in The Philippine School, a group of Filipino teachers decided to organize an association of educators in Dubai.  The plan was again discussed during the 2011 Independence Day celebration at Al Shahab Club in Dubai.

Filipino teachers in Dubai have been active in the different programs of FilCom and in the office of the Consulate General.  But in those events, they represented the name of their employers and not their own organization as teachers.  It was about time that they establish an organization for themselves and create a support system that can help them when the need arises.

 The organization was initially named Filipino Dubai Teachers Association (FDTA) and has Mr. Melvin M. Mendoza as president.  It is composed of Filipino teachers working in the city who aim to establish an educational work-force that contributes to the development of the Filipino children through a strong and productive teaching profession.  Its dream is to make FDTA a prime vehicle for the empowerment of workers in the field of education enriched by the myriad cultures of UAE.

Likewise, it is a dream of FDTA to deliver effective literacy programs by establishing linkages with the different agencies and organizations.  It will be committed to and participate actively in the development of teaching profession and the strengthening of the community of Filipinos in Dubai.

The members will hold professional gatherings to get new ideas, share best practices and discuss relevant concerns.  Such gatherings will also be the right venue for updating with current UAE laws that can affect their profession in some ways.  Expert members will also conduct workshops to help teachers to adopt new teaching strategies, methods and interesting projects in the classroom.

FDTA is committed to install values of professionalism and loyalty among members; protect the welfare of Filipino teachers in Dubai; support their economic and social aspirations; support and encourage active participation in the institution where they are employed; promote camaraderie and cooperation among members; provide appropriate assistance and support to one another; and to promote the ideals of patriotism, faith and love of the organization, the community, the nation and the world.

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