Once again, TPS conducted Intramural Meet to establish a venue for  exercising the students acquired knowledge, skills and attitude in Physical  Education. This also gave them the opportunity to enhance the values of  sportsmanship, good health, and a well rounded personality.

The sports activity started with a parade headed by the TPS Drum and Lyre  Corps. Students from the kindergarten level to grade 10 marched in their  colored uniforms, led by their respective muses and guided by their advisers.  The TPS Faculty Choir sang the national anthems of the UAE and the  Philippines. Mr. Mayani led the invocation.

After the introduction of the administrators, Ms. Jocelyn M. Sollano formally  opened the meet. In her speech she emphasized the relevance of the meet,  not only to physical education, but also to the development and practice of  values such as courage to accept defeat and gracious celebration of victory. She instructed the athletes, “Observe friendly games and do everything in the  spirit of sportsmanship.”

Afterwards. Rollyzon Assuncion, a selected athlete of the TPS Basketball  Team lighted the torch and Neil Ram Carlos of Grade 10 Rizal led the Oath of Sportsmanship. Mr. Jonathan Esguerra, Vice Principal inspired the group to perform with energy while maintaining camaraderie. Intermission numbers from DTAG and the Ritualo sisters added color to the opening ceremonies

Immediately after the formal opening, the search for Mr and Ms TPS Intramural Meet was conducted.

While the search was conducted at the covered court, the Kindergarten department were busy with their fun games that enhance social skills among the children. The activity at the KG Department was for the enhancement and continuation of the simple social life established by the family in the early years of the child through games.

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