Just like all great endeavors, the establishment of The Philippine School (TPS) started as a vision in the hearts and minds of its founders, a group of Filipino investors. These Filipino investors had stayed in UAE for quite long time and had seen that there is indeed a great need of having a Filipino school that would make a difference in the Gulf Region, particularly in UAE. Just like any other parent, they wanted quality education not only for their own children but for the rest of the Filipino children as well. It is the dream of these concerned Filipino investors that their children will learn to value their cultural heritage as Filipinos and this can only be possible if they study in a school that offers Philippine curriculum. This dream seemed beyond reach for so many years but it never stopped growing in their hearts and minds. Like a sweet fruit waiting for the right time that it becomes ripe and ready for harvest in due time, this great dream finally came into reality, just at the right time.

TPS, Al Twar

With the help and able support of a local sponsor who eventually assumed the post as the school’s chairman, TPS was established on February 20, 2008. This day marked the birth of the 2nd Filipino school¬†in Dubai and the 44th overseas. Its first location was in Al Twar 3, Dubai which was three times smaller than the present.

TPS formally opened in August of the Academic Year 2008-2009 with the carrier banner, “Leader in Academic Excellence and Values Formation.” It was surprising and remarkable to note that more than 700 enrollees flocked at TPS during its first year of operation and most of them were transferees from other schools here in UAE with a common desire for a quality education in a Philppine setting.

The courses offered are Preschool (KG 1 and KG 2), Elementary (Grades 1 to 6) and High School (Grades 7 to 12).

With the able leadership of Ms. Leticia Maniaul and Ms. Edna G. Ramos, Managing Directress and Principal respectively, plus the collaborative effort of the highly competent teachers and staff, TPS has undoubtedly gained the respect of the academic community in just a span of one year. In fact, a commendation certificate from the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) was awarded to TPS for its outstanding performance on administrative works during the school year 2008-2009.

On its second year, enrollment rate increased dramatically to more than 900 students. It was during this year, AY 2009-2010, when TPS earned recognition from DepEd, Manila, Philippines for succesfully completing all the requirements as prescribed by the existing standards and policies in the Philippine Educational System. It is with great pride that TPS is the 1st Filipino school in Dubai which had received the DepEd recognition in so short time.

TPS, Al Rashidiya

Many would-be enrollees and students during this school year were not accommodated due to limited classrooms in Al Twar. This made the school administration decide to move to Rashidiya area whish is bigger and better in order to continue catering to the academic needs of more Filipino children. The new location was perfectly chosen in order for TPS to fulfill one of its goals which is to provide sports activities for children to ensure their total development.

Inspired by its success and consistent with its mission to provide quality education, TPS continues to upgrade its facilities. The school administration also makes sure that the teachers are always updated and kept abreast with the latest trends in education. That is why TPS teachers undergo pertinent seminars on a regular basis to keep up with the newest teaching approaches.

Majority of the graduates in high school passes the entrance examinations in prestigious colleges and universities in the Philippines such as University of the Philippines, University of Santo Tomas and De La Salle University.

In a short span of 3 years, it can be safely concluded that TPS’ enviable stature can be attributed to the joint effort and sacrifice of the investors, administrators, teachers and staff – all for the mission of providing quality education to the Filipino youth in UAE.