Richard Zulueta

Mr. Richard is probably the busiest coordinator in the school. His duty involves overseeing all activities, from the simplest flag ceremony in the morning to the more elaborate programs outside the school.

As activity coordinator, he sees to it that every activity is properly planned, organized and executed. He receives communication, mostly invitations from different agencies and responds to them in consultation with the other school leaders.

Asked how he finds his job, he says, “It’s very challenging. This is a job wherein there is no room for mistakes. An error in one detail such as the date of activity, means failure of everything.You can’t simply cut the chain of reactions caused by one mistake.”

He continues, “These are some of the challenges I frequently meet: the scheduling of activities, teachers‟ and students‟ concerns and the need to coordinate with students, teachers, parents and other personnel. It is particularly difficult to schedule activities during weekends because I have to send letters, ask waivers from parents and coordinate with bus drivers for the transportation of students who are coming from the different areas in Dubai and Sharjah in a short time.

But Mr. Richard admits he is happy in his job, and is able to cope with the challenges. He is thankful that he gets the necessary support from the management and his fellow teachers.

He observes that after the details have been taken care of, everything turns out right and ends well. (We can just imagine the tension each activity gives him as the person primarily in charge, until the activity is over!)

What makes him strong enough to carry out everything? He relates, “Maybe it’s my openness to ideas.” He listens to others ” ideas and learns from their wisdom, and he is equally willing to share what he has without reservation. He adds, “I simply love my work. I give my best to it without expecting something in return.” Loving one’s work for him means spending extra time in school, foregoing meals and even delaying sleep to finish an urgent task.

Inside this tough leader is a light-hearted man, a loving husband who can accept everything and who tries to maintain a balance between work and play, between job and family. He is a sincere and genuine person. He declares, “The deposition I have been showing… is the real me. No masks. “ He is not accustomed to giving orders; he simply does what he can if it is in his hands. He adds, “I am glad that I have never been in conflict yet with anyone in the performance of my tasks.”

Asked to share his wisdom to students and fellow teachers, he says, “Be responsible and sincere in doing whatever is assigned to you. It can be a source of fulfillment and happiness.”

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