Jumeirah, Beach Hotel—Aeron Alde (4th from left) celebrates  together with the winners of Danube Spelling Bee.

Jumeirah, Beach Hotel—Aeron Alde (4th from left)  together with the winners of Danube Spelling Bee.

By Gabriel Ian Maddara

        Aeron Alde, a grade 6 student of The Philippine School – Dubai, successfully clinched the 9th place of the fourth edition of Danube Spelling Bee Championship. This was held on February 13, 2016.

     He was one of the 15 finalists, who were able to get through the four-month elimination process. Alde was also hailed as the Grade 6 champion in the competition.

     During the contest, he said, “This would probably be an exaggeration, but I was a nervous wreck.” Aeron explained that after he got some words correctly, he started to feel more comfortable. It also made him think that he can pass through the more difficult rounds.

    Over 2,000 students participated in the elimination rounds, but only 69 students were able to make the cut. After going through several rounds, 15 students were left to fight for the championship.

     When asked about the impact of the championship in his life, he answered, “Based on my recent achievements such as the IBT, I was thinking that this could be more difficult than the IBT. I was thinking if I will still make it? Once I figured out that the words were kind of easy, the IBT and my result of the elimination round combined will send me into thinking, I can still make it pass.”

Aeron received a 2500 AED cheque , a tablet, and a camera as his prizes.

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