Edwin F. Caliyon

Only a few men in the world have the ability to combine humor and wit, to make you laugh in a manner that infuses wisdom and humor. Such a man of essence and substance is rare and hard to find. The Philippine School-Dubai is so blessed to have one, in the person of the newly elected Faculty Club President, Mr. Edwin F. Caliyon.

He was elected president because majority of his colleagues clamored for it. Obviously, his mysterious personality exudes an aura that fellow workers see and pushes them to make him their president. As Ms. Eidha, one of the Arabic teachers said, “He is very nice. He is one of the Filipino teachers who treat non-Filipino teachers amiably.”

His qualification also includes a track record of three straight years in the post. His legacy is the establishment of a Faculty Fund, which served as a source of financial aid to teachers in times of emergency, and consequently helped promote their welfare. This fund, which was turned into Teachers’ Cooperative he initiated has grown big and is continuing to grow after he has left the school.

Flipping the coin to the other side revealed several fascinating facts about him: First, he is a deep thinker, and is very good in decision-making. He admits, “I am a deep thinker who is into thorough thinking all the time, especially when there are decisions to make. I think a lot first before saying anything and I make sure I can stand by all my words.” His innate intelligence, enhanced by his great love for the game of chess, could have been enough reason for his high level of thinking.

Many of his colleagues refer to him as “Mr. Neptune” because he never runs out of brilliant ideas which always prove to be sensible, though they may initially seem weird and out of this world.

Second, he is very “techy”. Going to the mall to check on the latest in gadgets, according to him is neither a hobby nor a therapy but a routine. “If I can afford it, I see to it that all my gadgets are updated,” he beams.

Third, He is a man of many talent and interests. He is good in drawing, painting, poem-writing, choreography and even in cooking. He has knowledge in troubleshooting a wide variety of computer problems, one which he claims to be a product of learning by experience. Aside from being a chess enthusiast, he is also a boxing aficionado and is great fan of Manny Pacquiao. He is brilliant.

As a teacher, he finds fulfillment in knowing that his students are able to reach higher grounds than he does. Sometimes, though he feels lacking in upgrading as a teacher. “It’s not like when I was still in the Philippines when I would attend seminars from time to time.” “I jump with joy when I meet my deadlines, and I admit to have what they call an artist’s temperament.”

As Faculty President, he was asked, “What do you think is the purpose of the faculty club?” He said the club is primarily the voice of the faculty. He added, “It is the link that connects the administrators and the teachers.” He has two aspirations as faculty president: one, to promote the welfare the faculty and two, to strengthen relationships among teachers and between administrators and faculty. “Having a good relationship among members and with the school heads will work for the benefit of both parties. This can be achieved by having regular bonding moments and engaging in team building activities.” He hopes to give the TPS Faculty the same legacy he has left in the previous school where he served for 17 years, the establishment of a teachers’cooperative and a faculty fund.

When asked what advise he could give to teachers who are still very young in the profession, he simply said, “Give your best.”

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