Dina D. De Torres

Ms. Dina is the TPS Finance Officer, the person in charge of monitoring and controlling the coming in and going out of school finances. It is her goal to safeguard the school finances by careful recording, a role to which she gives her best.

There is one definite word that describes her best – strong. Acquaintances say she is small but terrible. Still others say she‟s a tiger lady. All these terms point to her strength of character that shows in all aspects of her life- in school, in the office and at home.

True enough, behind the slim, frail frame is a woman of strong convictions. She deals with clients in a direct business-like manner, speaking in a mild but assertive voice, and projecting sincerity in whatever she says.

But the woman who holds the purse strings is also a wife and a mother, and she performs her varied functions according to her personality.

As a mother, she is a disciplinarian. Although she is living away from her kids, she maintains control and shapes their character by imposing clear, specific rules. She says, “Early in their childhood, I have impressed upon them the necessity of using time wisely. I have taught them to set time for every activity: for studies, for work and for recreation. I encourage them to give their best, but I am also willing to accept what they are and what they have. I monitor their performance in school and I am well informed of their scores in quizzes and exams.” Her children knows her well and they dare not break her rules. Yes, even these children are convinced she is strong.

As a wife, she can be both dominant and submissive. She is dominant enough to assert herself when she knows she is right, but submissive enough to seek the approval of her husband before making decisions.

She prides herself in having a strong self control and being focused. She declares, “The future of my children is my top priority. Having enjoyed my single days I have no regrets for things I failed to achieve. My physical and emotional needs have all been met before I settled. I bought the things my heart desired and joined activities I enjoyed. There is therefore nothing to hold me back from giving my best to my family.” Tough, right?

But she confesses. “There is more to me than guts. As the saying goes, if you need a friend, I can be there for you; if you want an enemy, I can also be. I also have a soft heart for those who are in need. If it is in my hands to meet your urgent need, I am willing to help.” And she reveals a secret- She has a passion for elegant undies. she admits, “It feels good to be elegant underneath. I feel confident when I am in my fine lingeries.”

Asked how she would picture herself in her retirement years, she answers, “I imagine myself as a fulfilled mother whose kids have grown to be good professionals, staying with my husband and enjoying our grandchildren.”

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