By John Marcel E. Villanueva

i-Ready Consultant Barbara Fields in TPS

i-Ready Consultant Barbara Fields in TPS

        “ Formal education is not a perception of the young people. It is the perception of grandma. ” Educational Consultant Barbara Fields candidly mentioned this during the new  iReady training for TPS  teachers on March 4, 2016 .

       Diagnostic Test, Reporting , Instruction and Practice are substantiated in the whole day seminar at the Multi-purpose Hall of The Philippine School. According to her, teachers must let the students be engaged; however, students must not be placed on the same platform.

       Fields asserted that the usual teacher who does and presents the lesson and who is always providing the information is the teacher we popularly knew and is no longer true today.

     “ Classrooms today are very active and we need proactive teachers, ” she introduced. Fields , who also became principal in Mexico, advised the teachers in terms of student diagnosis. She elaborated that adaptive testing ,which i-Ready possesses , is against standardized testing. She said that adaptive testing drills down to a more specific information that the student needed, wherein, in standardized testing, the student sees the same questions.

        She added that reporting of progress must be instantaneous and emphasized that i-Ready does that.

       “Teachers are the most important persons in the students’ lives. All are educable and trainable ; It just takes a little bit of time. We must introduce concepts when the child is ready, ” she clarified.

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