Dr. Rosalinda D. Miranda

One of the significant factors by which any organization- including an educational institution- could stand on a solid ground is the deep commitment given by the people who are in it. A school is only as strong as the depth of character of the people who comprise it. The Philippine School-Dubai is so blessed to have one in the person of its dynamic Guidance Counselor, Dr. Rosalinda D. Miranda.

She has been with TPS for almost three years and has been a significant contributor in making the school reach its present stature as the biggest and fastest-growing Filipino school in UAE. She is not just an ordinary employee with a high level of commitment. She possesses the necessary skills required to become an effective guidance counselor. But more than anything else, what really makes her effective as a counselor is her gentleness and kindness in dealing with children and parents. Her friendly aura exudes that charisma which gives erring children in school the feeling of security to air out their problems as if they are talking to their own mother.

She admits that being a guidance counselor is such a hard task that requires not just the human intellect but a great deal of wisdom that can only come from above. As she puts it, “Counseling is an emotionally, mentally and physically draining task. I cannot do the task if I will simply rely on my own strength and wisdom.”

When asked how she prepares herself for her daily routine in the school, she happily said,”I make sure that I always start the day by seeking God‟s guidance through prayer; I greatly believe that in order for me to give proper guidance and counseling to children who are entrusted to my care, I should be guided by the Greatest Counselor of all, none other than our God Almighty.”

She epitomizes a true guidance counselor – loving and caring. More than the advice she could give, she has a natural ability to empathize with children and parents whom she encounters in every counseling session, giving them the assurance that she understands what they are going through. Only few have been given this gift.

To her colleagues, she is a friend and a sister. She is known by many simply as “Ma’am Linda” for she urges people to refrain from addressing her as Doctor. Such is a manifestation of her humble heart..

Her aspiration as the school guidance counselor is to be an instrument in making the school hold fast to its mission of being a leader not only in academic excellence but also in values formation. And so, she emphasizes the integration of values in all the activities and programs of the school and lives such values in her daily life. Like salt to food, she prevents the spoilage of character. Hardworking and dedicated, she is a picture of commitment in action.

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