Dulce Nazaret

on life’s pleasures and purposes

How did you come to know her? Maybe you were a classmate of hers in high school or college, a fellow parent in her children’s school, one of her former students, a church mate, a coworker, an acquaintance in Dubai, and a neighbor in the Philippines. It does not matter how you were able to connect with her. I am sure you are as glad as the others for knowing her.

“I always mention about our faithfulness to God whenever I am asked about my family,” was her reply when I ask her to describe her family. “It is in Rachel, my one and only daughter where I see a lot of myself,” she added. Ms. Dulce can talk endlessly about her two grandchildren (Chichi and Chito). She is a proud “lola” to both of them and she hopes to have more grandchildren soon. She hopes to spend more years with them. “I sometimes feel that I was not able to spend more time with my children when they were younger,” she narrated. “Mas na enjoy ko pa sana sila,” she reminisced.

Ms. Dulce’s typical day starts early. “I am an early riser,” she asserted. When asked about her daily prayer time, “I pray when I am all ready for work,” she replied. She disclosed that her weekends are more hectic. She cooks breakfast for so many people. She personally prepares this for her family and for those who come early to attend church service. “We have choir practice before the service, so some people really come early.”

Interested in her likes and hobbies? For one, Ma’am Dulce is a food lover. The list is long, from adobo to sinigang and lechon. “I love to cook but I am not a “butingting” person in the house. I prefer the quick fix way.” She expects honesty from people abhors backstabbers. She declares that she is very appreciative even of small things. Being a coach potato makes her enjoy leisure time. “Admittedly, I doze off after ten minutes.” “It is a good thing that we can now record and watch again later.” One of her favorite channels is the food channel, a reflection of her fondness for food and cooking. When asked about the three material things that she would like to have in the future, Ms. Dulce enthusiastically answered – a state of the art kitchen, a luxurious bathroom and dental implant. The last one, she said, although as expensive as the first two, is the one that she prefers to have.

When asked about TPS, she warmly answered, “I pray for everyone in the school, especially for those who were with us since we started.” She added that she tries to maintain a people oriented management style. “I treat people equally whether you are a nanny or a driver,” she stated. She reiterated the words of Ms. Boots Anson Roa in her talk at the 1st Philippine Film Festival in Dubai. “They are the same people you will meet on your way down so better treat them well on your way up.”

As a teacher she is delighted when former students still remember her as their Chemistry teacher. “More than that, I am blessed when they tell me how
grateful they are for having been lead closer to Jesus.” leading them closer to Jesus.” She hopes to encourage people not only to save on material things and money but more importantly to invest on “spiritual things”. “It is the real wealth that we should all store,” she stressed. Ma’am Dulce, serious as she may sound, also has a funny, lighter side. “I love to sing and dance. It is my therapy for stress.”

What about other hopes for the future? I capped the interview with this question – how do you see yourself ten years from now? “I see myself in the Philippines, running my own school,” she ended cheerfully.

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