Ana Lopez

Ms. Ana, the hardworking coordinator of the KG Department is an effective leader who accomplishes goals by getting the participation of her members. We know, she has the record of GOOD rating of the department from KHDA last year to back up our claims.

Asked how she leads, she answers, “I really don’t lead alone; I don’t do things all by myself. As a coordinator, I consult my fellow teachers. Whatever plans I have in mind, we make it a point to sit together and talk about them, weighing the pro’s and the con’s… Everyone is free to make suggestions, and we decide on what we think is best. In case of problems and difficulties, and the decision rests on me, I make the decision and stand for it. I lead them because no one else wanted to be the head; and I find out they only need the prompting to get moving. Once they are given the definite direction, they are energized. I set the pace, and they follow.”

She added, “I believe that more heads are better than one; so I involve them. I also remember that success begins with a single step. I have to make that right step; then we all walk side by side for the KG Department to be successful.”

Speaking about the challenges in the department, she relates with the confidence of one who knows her job well, “The main challenge is our students. They are beginners, and they look to us for guidance. If we take the wrong step, they will be failures. We have to discipline them in a way that they will not get tired or bored with learning. We should impress on their young minds that education is the key to success and so they need to study. We should them how to hold a pen or they’ll grow with weak hands. We should teach them how to read or else, they will find so much difficulties when they start formal schooling.”

“Aside from these physical challenges, we also have mental challenges. Each student has a different level of learning. Some even have attitude problems. We have to open our minds and think of different techniques and approaches that will solve the difficulty of one and yet will be good for all of them…”

“Another problem is the time pressure. We have to assist our students one by one, to check the books and notebooks in all subjects, and submit the requirements in a short time. I am thankful that my group is reliable and cooperative. They are willing to sacrifice their time for sleep just to get things done. I am proud to say we have never submitted things late in spite of all the pressure.”

On being a mom, she says she is liberated and supportive to a certain limit. “I support my kids in what they want, as long as it is good for them. When I know it leads them to what is not good, I explain to them the possibilities. Most of the time they realize they should not do it at all. “

“As a teacher, I am dedicated, sort of workaholic. I can work for 24 straight hours, and can forgo sleep if there’s an urgent job to finish. In teaching, I’m a bit strict. But I have a heart for the kids. You see KG teachers need to be full of techniques. I don’t stick to one; I keep learning more. I am a disciplinarian for the purpose of holding them all but I can also be a mom for their needs.”

Want to see her lighter side? She is fond of playing puzzle games and watching movies on her laptop. She can even simply stay at home during her free time and play with the kids.

Ms. Ana shares her dream for the department. “Every year, I aim for the best in terms of student performance. I wanted the advance class to graduate as readers. This year, I aim to make good readers of all KG students. I am overjoyed at the steady growth of our yearly population, and I hope we will grow more. Finally, I dream of making the KG Department OUTSTANDING in the KHDA rating.”

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