Melvin M. Mendoza

Mr. Melvin holds a degree in Education and has years of teaching experience. He is a leader who wants to make things easier for the group by initiating and proposing creative ways of solving problems. He is decisive and he works with remarkable calmness and efficiency that make the work seem so easy.

As head of the Arabic Department, he sees the great challenge of effecting changes in the department composed mainly of Arabic teachers. But he responds to the challenge, and is well prepared to meet them. He knows the best way – to start with the basics and proceed from there. First, he seeks to improve policies on Arabic language teaching, to bridge the gap between teachers and students and among teachers by establishing a common language – English.

Early in the school year he has prepared guidelines for teaching the language, reminders for teachers in doing their duties and tasks, and activity sheets to facilitate teaching and learning. He has also prepared appropriate methods of teaching, progress indicators and lectures on test construction.

Mr. Melvin speaks of his vision for the department: “I dream of integrating ICT with teaching language. This, I learned is innovative teaching. In this kind of teaching, there is less teacher talk and more student activity. Groupings are frequent for participative activities, and teachers are technologically equipped to facilitate the learning process. “

He proposes language proficiency training for teachers starting next year.

He is happy to note the gradual, positive changes in the department and
he hopes to achieve more with frequent contact with the teachers, frequent monitoring and technical assistance.

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