Kori Quintos  TV Patrol / ABS-CBN Reporter

Kori Quintos
TV Patrol / ABS-CBN Reporter


Dear Editor,

       Congratulations to the Philippine School, Dubai. Its establishment once again showed the Filipinos’ regard for quality education. Its mission of providing excellent academic training for children of OFW’s in the United Arab Emirates is truly commendable. We in the Philippines are very proud of you.

       Kudos also to TPS Insights! A school paper has always been an effective tool in disseminating information as well as a means to developing the creative writing abilities of the students involved with it.

    Journalism is a huge field that requires not only hard work and creativity but most importantly credibility and a supreme sense of fairness from its practitioners.

       “The truth should always prevail” says it all, when we start to become a medium to disseminate information we become the very instrument of the truth. In essence, there is no small voice, for the smallest voice may awaken the greatest number of people worldwide. In this regard, let TPS Insights be the voice of truth in your part of the world. May it serve the needs of your academic community and perhaps the Filipino community in Dubai as a whole.

      We are with you in all your efforts to serve the Filipino wherever he is. We are with you in your endeavor to strengthen Filipino communities worldwide.

Keep it up. Make our country proud.


Kori Quintos

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