Monique Q. Sevilla

Ms. Monique is the cheerful, confident, light-hearted head of MAKABAYAN Department. She is the picture of a woman with a zest for life, and who takes everything on her way with courage and confidence.

As a leader, she understands the challenges of a virtually big department where most of the members teach other major subjects, and are therefore not as readily available as the others. It makes supervision more difficult. She says, “In a big group like this, I do close monitoring first, then give enough liberty later. I am also a teacher, just like them. The head is not necessarily the best, but the position should be accorded with the appropriate amount of respect”

Talking about her strengths, she declares, “I am a confident writer and speaker, and am unafraid to learn new things. I easily adapt to new situations, and can mingle with different groups of people.” Yet, for all these strengths, she can be patient and tolerant. She is a loyal friend, and has the understanding heart that perceives a friend‟s deepest needs.

Asked about the things she values most in life, she relates, “Being a single parent and an OFW, I would like to prepare my children well for the future.” She added, “I believe that there is a plan for each one and God is the author of that plan. I am a hopeful but realistic person. Given my situation, the things that I desire most are secondary only to what my children need. I value good health, and family support makes me strong.”

Talking about the things she likes, she confesses, “I am fond of romantic films with happy endings (See the child in her?) and of CSI. I am also a “sleeper,” she says. That probably explains why she can be very strong and confident in performing her tasks as a teacher and as a leader – she finds the balance between work and play; she works hard, and plays hard. True enough, I can see that she learns quickly, be it the latest dance steps, or the newest song to hit the charts.

“I have wild fantasies, such as: learning how to dance the rumba, appearing in my own pictorial, being a writer and teacher till I grow old, and traveling to the different parts of the world.”

What about her plans for the future? Ten years from now, she pictures herself to be still in teaching, but only as a hobby and no longer a job. She hopes to be free from some of the big financial responsibility that she has now, and dreams of traveling as a tourist with a partner.

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