Gonzales impresses audience through speed-painting

; flipped image shows Philippine President Duterte 

By Erin Mitchel J. Abadilla

Photo by Edmir Capuno


            Mr. TPS 2017 Noel Cresente V. Gonzales won the Best in Talent- Male Category for his speed- painting performance last February 23, 2017 at The Philippine School- Dubai.

       “I think that nobody has tried to speed- paint Duterte before , and  I thought it was a good idea,” he said.

Noel's finished product of Duterte

Noel’s finished product of Duterte

            Within 3 minutes, Gonzales was able to paint Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte on a black illustration board in front of the crowd.

              Mr. TPS 2017 said that, “I painted Duterte because he is currently the most popular person in the Filipino community.

            Gonzales  practiced five times before the actual talent showcase; his first attempt lasted for 7 minutes. “I tried it on plain paper first before using a larger medium. Back then, I just used permanent marker. As I progressed, I switched to white acrylic paint. I had a printed copy. I memorized the copy and practiced without it,” Noel Gonzales said.

            During the performance, Noel said that he was not pressured at all. The music calmed him and lessened his nervousness. His father, who is also inclined in the arts, advised him to enjoy it and to dance a little along with the music.

         “Art is a hobby. My personality changes whenever I hold a paintbrush because I’m expressing my true self,” Gonzales stated.

Mr. TPS 2017 Noel Cresente V. Gonzales won Best in Talent- Male Category

Mr. TPS 2017 Noel Cresente V. Gonzales also won Best in Talent- Male Category

            He also added that, “My teacher advised me to do spoken poetry because of my voice quality, but that’s not me.”

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