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The Philippine School “Kumpas-Himig” Chorale

Teachers who are gifted with talents in singing are rare. Very few indeed are so abundantly blessed with both a high intellect and a singing voice. Usually a person may have one and not the other. But at TPS su
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Faculty Club President

Edwin F. Caliyon Only a few men in the world have the ability to combine humor and wit, to make you laugh in a manner that infuses wisdom and humor. Such a man of essence and substance is rare and hard to find.
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Activity Coordinator

Richard Zulueta Mr. Richard is probably the busiest coordinator in the school. His duty involves overseeing all activities, from the simplest flag ceremony in the morning to the more elaborate programs outside
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Language Arts Department Head (Arabic)

Melvin M. Mendoza Mr. Melvin holds a degree in Education and has years of teaching experience. He is a leader who wants to make things easier for the group by initiating and proposing creative ways of solving p
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KG Department Coordinator

Ana Lopez Ms. Ana, the hardworking coordinator of the KG Department is an effective leader who accomplishes goals by getting the participation of her members. We know, she has the record of GOOD rating of the d
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Science Department Head

Elreggie Tongio Ms. Reggie, the cool head of Science Department is a confident, hardworking leader who projects cautiousness and vibrancy. Just seeing her fills one with a sense of serenity as one beholds her f
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Mathematics Department Head

Marjorie F. Nazaret Ms. Marj has been teaching for 15 years, long enough to master the basics in her profession and to gain useful insights that may be shared with others in the same field. She proposes the use
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Language Arts Department Head (English)

Annelyn M. Saguid Legendary coach Vincent Lombardi once said that the quality of a person’s life is in direct proportion to excellence, regardless of his chosen field of endeavor. The head of the language Dep
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Makabayan Department Head

Monique Q. Sevilla Ms. Monique is the cheerful, confident, light-hearted head of MAKABAYAN Department. She is the picture of a woman with a zest for life, and who takes everything on her way with courage and co
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Filipino Department Head

Luzminda M. Divino Ms. Luz is a Bachelor in Education graduate with 46 masteral units in education (Completed Academic Requirements) and 20 years of teaching experience. She prefers the democratic, participativ
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Finance Officer

Dina D. De Torres Ms. Dina is the TPS Finance Officer, the person in charge of monitoring and controlling the coming in and going out of school finances. It is her goal to safeguard the school finances by caref
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HR Officer

Dulce Nazaret on life’s pleasures and purposes How did you come to know her? Maybe you were a classmate of hers in high school or college, a fellow parent in her children’s school, one of her former student

Guidance Counselor

Dr. Rosalinda D. Miranda One of the significant factors by which any organization- including an educational institution- could stand on a solid ground is the deep commitment given by the people who are in it. A
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Standard Specialist

Normita D. Mayuga Ms. Norie is the direct link between the school and the TPS Chairman. Her main function is to observe how things are going on in the school and report her observations to the chairman. She is