A constructive relationship between the school and the families is key to ensuring that the students’ well-being is at the core of an effective educational experience.  It is beneficial for both parties, the schools and the families, if these constructive relationships are based on agreed terms and conditions set out clearly in a contract form.

In addition to this contract, schools should have effective procedures to address and mitigate parental concerns and complaints; while at the same time parents should also be recognized and used as a valuable resource in the educational experience of their children.

To ensure that all parties in this relationship are aware of their duties and responsibilities, families are encouraged to read this document carefully and to ratify it only after all queries have been addressed by the school.

The terms and conditions stipulated in this contract are a reference for dispute resolution. KHDA will uphold the agreement stipulated in this contract when a party refers a matter to KHDA for deliberation and endorsement.


Authority or KHDA: the Knowledge and Human Development Authority

Child: the child or children (at any age) admitted by the school to be educated and whose name appears in this document.

Contract: refers this document.

Educational services: it is all the services that the schools provided in order to support the learning and development of the students.

Parent: both parents of the child when both have the legal standing of guardians or the legal guardian by court order.

Policies: the principles, guidelines and/or rules adopted by a school and shared with all stakeholders for the purpose of achieving specific objectives. These objectives could be related to any issue pertaining to the operation of the school, such as academics, health and safety or students’ behaviour.

School: means The Philippine School

School tuition fees: any amounts owing to the school for a student’s enrollment, education and related activities at the school. These fees are clearly communicated and are stipulated in this contract.

Student(s): all those who are admitted and registered at the school to be educated at any grade/year level.

Third party:  the provider, other than the school, of a specific service for the students via the school.