Anton Gimeno

To combat the growing financial literacy problem among OFWs, Philippine Institute of Public Accountants, Abu Dhabi Chapter sponsored a seminar on financial literacy at the Philippine School on August 8.

It offered its service to teachers by encouraging them to save and invest their hard earned money. Over 100 faculty and non-teaching staff attended the seminar.

Anton Gimeno, Marketing and Management Consultant in Abu Dhabi and PICPA member discussed basic concepts on savings, investing and borrowing, and the various investment forms  that Filipinos, especially those preparing to return and reintegrate, could avail of. He tackled various family issues that hinder migrants and their families from achieving their goals and suggested strategies for coping with these issues and concerns.

The speaker said, “I believe that investment is not only a rich man’s game, but everybody’s game.” He highlighted on various savings and investment products and programs and services developed for migrants. PICPA shared BPO ME Consulting Advisory as one concrete example in mobilizing investment.

A teacher participant said, “I was very impressed with the financial seminar. As an expat for six years, I learned about the impact of financial literacy on OFWs. It opened my eyes to the sad truth that I have not prepared wisely for my retirement. But anyway, with the things I learned, I am now ready to make a new start, by not only working hard, but by investing. It’s never too late.

Over 100 TPS employees attended the seminar on financial literacy sponsored by PICPA Abu Dhabi Chapter.

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