DESERT PEN  Margaritha Yvhonne B. Lacson  Editor-in-Chief, TPS Insights 2014-2015

Margaritha Yvhonne B. Lacson
Editor-in-Chief, TPS Insights 2014-2015


             The Philippine School celebrates the 7th foundation week from December 12-17, 2014. The day was with great pomp and gaiety as they commend the founders of the school, who are working well with the educational staff, and who aim to provide multiple intelligences for Filipino children in the United Arab Emirates.

             The Mass Demonstration, the search for Mr. and Ms. TPS, and the Singing Idols served as instrumental activities of talent and charity trainings. As generous as those who organized them, TPS students celebrate their skills while generating these extra – ordinary abilities for the well-being of people in the community. This is what we call the idea of philanthropy.

          Foundation day participants don’t merely show–off. Show is not the mere priority, but organizing a good show and competitions to generate humanitarian goodness and compassionate contributions to other people heartens students.

           Joining these competitions is more than just proving to others what you can do. It’s proving to yourself that you can be a good role model for others. This is while we share to others what we possess (tangible or intangible) for the well-being of the society.

                Take for example, the recent Grand Champion of the TPS Singing Idols 2014, Elyzha Denise Paule. “Singing idol helped me boost my self-esteem so I can share my talent to everyone with no hesitation. In my opinion, I’m helping my fellow students by encouraging them to go out of their comfort zones and to be never afraid to join contests that will showcase their talents, ” she said. Her skills and winning gleam are contributory to others in raising their self-esteem.

         “Enjoy the moment while it lasts, showcase your talents and let them feel the emotion you are sending the audience. Be confident and be proud of yourself,” she adds.

          Putting our talents into good use at our young age is indeed exceptional. Moreover, There are people who just need to be lauded and to be taken as role models. Fellow TPSian Shama Zamora, won as Grand Champion of Kidz Starz contest in Dubai last 2013, and part of her competition prize was donated to the victims of super typhoon, Haiyan. It might be a small step but it is the key to opening the possibilities to help others while doing what you love.


         On the side note, comedian         Quincy Carr loves making people laugh and lights up the stage at places like “The Funny Bone” in Virginia Beach, but it turns out, he’s a real stand-up guy off stage, too. He loves giving back to the community and many charitable causes. Every year, Carr holds school supply drives at his comedy shows. He’s also joined other comedians, raising money for scholarships so single mothers could continue their education.”I have the ability to give somebody the opportunity to feel better. Giving back gives me a sense of fulfillment off stage,” Quincy said.

           Giving can be as simple as giving joy to others — sharing our talents and skills to help them tap into their own ability to experience wonder. Your unique skills can make a huge difference. I have found that no greater reward exists than knowing you are helping others by doing what you do best.

Margaritha Yvhonne B. Lacson is currently studying at City University College of Ajman (CUCA) taking up ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants). 

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