Elreggie Tongio

Ms. Reggie, the cool head of Science Department is a confident, hardworking leader who projects cautiousness and vibrancy. Just seeing her fills one with a sense of serenity as one beholds her face and demeanor-poised, calm and relaxed in a work-place full of deadlines and pressure and challenges. And yet, she is an energetic teacher who can make urgent decisions. I had the chance of seeing her work some years ago when we were both advisers of Grade 5. In an instant, she had filled the walls with the decorating materials I didn’t know where she got, and she did everything without complaining, without pushing. On another occasion, she taught our classes an ethnic dance patiently, untiringly, cheerfully until she was satisfied with their performance. I am a witness to her resourcefulness and decisiveness.

Among the science lessons she teaches, she finds these three things most relevant, and should really be learned: the chemistry of life, biological processes, the earth and the environment. These probably tells something about her inner person – the reverence for life and its mysteries, the deep understanding of life functions, and the awareness of the environment where she lives – which she all hopes to pass on to her students.

Her present outlook in life is apparently shaped by her changing situations. She confesses, “I used to love adventure back in my college days, but now that I have become a mother, I just want to be with my family, preparing their needs and spending quiet, unhurried moments with them. Having been away from them led her to sort out her priorities, and those include her family.

In her dream destination, she reflects the fondness for inner peace as she relates, “I dream of a place of tranquility, full of blooming flowers and other beautiful sights of nature.”

She is a loving and supportive adviser to her class and she does everything within her power to promote their good. She confers with teachers about them and listens to what they may say.

Asked what advice she can give to young teachers, she replies, “Teaching needs dedication and commitment. You need to love your students and your work. This is the key to happiness and contentment.”

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