Erin Mitchel J. Abadilla Editor-in-Chief, TPS Insights 2015-2016

Erin Mitchel J. Abadilla
Editor-in-Chief, TPS Insights 2015-2016


       TPSian international excellence rings true! Not only because we stir ourselves up for international competitions and international travels, but we also take pride in putting esteem on our Filipino culture. This is manifested through our school’s cooperation during the 118th Philippine Independence Day at the World Trade Center. We also mix well with multi-national cultures there. They are present, and they say good things about us.

     Being a global student means someone who is knowledgeable about the world, and likes to explore other cultures. Therefore, the global Filipino student is open-minded; delighting in other cultural options. We will showcase TPSians who have taken pride and actions as global students.

     Along with the expansion of TPS is its growth in international competitiveness. Students learn and acquaint themselves with foreign best practices through social interactions in international competitions, immersions or seminars.

     We are at par with the international minds. This is evidently proven by grade 10 Ryan Samiley, who perfected the International Benchmark Test in English. He also treatedMathematics IBT as a piece of cake by receiving a distinction in this subject.


         Moreover, We didn’t falter adding feather to our cap. Our IBT excellence created a ripple effect when selected students of grade 5A and grade 6A qualified for the prestigious World Scholar’s Cup.This gives them door to compete in Bangkok, Thailand for the global round.

          In the field of Mathematics, TPS primary and secondary levels participated in Kenken International Championship. Significant numbers received recognition , medals, and certificates from the organization. Competence does not end there. Aeron Alde, a consistent international achiever from The Philippine School, snags 9th in Danube International Spelling Bee Contest.

    We are not only internationally competitive, but we are also international travellers. As we reflect in our Trekkers and Wanderslust section in every TPS Insights publication, we narrate to you how culturally diverse and intelligent TPSians are. They directly experience what other nationalities believe in.

       We conducted interviews on people who had personally flown to other nations. The countries and cultures we read on books may be brought to life.

        “We’ll be able to learn how to handle different types of people, and we become more communicative , ” Grade 9 Lian Marienne Garcia said. It is better to be more open to new concepts for us to be more understanding, and so that there will be no boundary to our abilities. Super thank you for not underestimating your abilities.

More of the same will just produce more of the same. More competitiveness is more growth

Congratulations Filipino student in an international soil. You serve as models for other students in the world to emulate.

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