Teachers who are gifted with talents in singing are rare. Very few indeed are so abundantly blessed with both a high intellect and a singing voice. Usually a person may have one and not the other. But at TPS such rare teachers can be found, in a group which has become the pride of the school, TPS KUMPAS-HIMIG Chorale.

The TPS Chorale is composed of teachers and staff who share a common interest and passion in singing and who are willing to give their time and energy to it. It was formed in 2008 in the same year when TPS was established. Originally composed of 12 members, most of whom have come and gone, it remains strong as a singing group. Since the time it was formed, it has been very active, performing in various events, especially those that promote solidarity among Filipinos. At present, 14 members comprise the TPS Chorale. Altos include Ana Lopez, Marjorie Nazaret, Vilma Angeles and Violy Frias. Sopranos are Maebel Able, Dina De Torres, and Ana Martin. The Tenors are Efren Mayani, Gerry De Torres and Melvin M. Mendoza while the bases are Jonathan Esguerra, Noly Duquen, Allan Cariaga and Gerald Nipay (newest member)

Within three years, TPS Kumpas-Himig Chorale has joined two singing competitions in Dubai and has already proven its worth by bagging the Championship Award for two times straight in a row from 2008-2009 in the Christmas Carol Signing Competition. The said competition was one of the exciting events in the Bayanihan Festival which used to be an annual project of FILCOM, an umbrella that comprises all the Filipino organizations in UAE.

Last year, the group was invited to perform singing Christmas Carols to shoppers at the OASES MALL for two consecutive nights. Last November, they were invited to perform onstage at the Anniversary Celebration of Road and Transportation Authority (RTA) and received public approval and applause. The group also performed at the Coral Beach Resort in Sharjah as part of the hotel’s Christmas promotion. They sang Christmas carols for the guests composed of different races.

Just recently, Kumpas-Himig Chorale did well in their singing venture at the Wonderland park where they performed as guests in a Pre-Valentine Concert starring Derek Ramsey, Maja Salvador, Melai Honteveros and many more. They belted out Original Pilipino Songs (OPM) that entertained the Filipino audience.

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