Researches reveal that parent involvement in schools leads to higher grades and test scores and better attendance and homework completion among students. In addition, these students also are likely to graduate and pursue higher education because their parents have taken an interest in their education and have served as good role models.

Realizing the importance of having a strong home – school partnership, the Parent Teacher‟s Council was organized in November 2010. Grade level officers were formed and the presidents of each level, together with the officers of the Faculty Club convened for the election of the General PTC. The officers are as follows:

President: Mr. Alex Carlos – from Grade 9
Vice President: Mr. Eva Amparado – Grade 7
Secretary: Mrs. Vangie Punzalan – Grade 6
Asst. Secretary: Mrs. Monique Sevilla – Faculty Club
Treasurer: Mr. Manny Saguid – Grade 4
Business Manager: Mr. Benjie Rubio – Grade 3
Mr. Mike Ortega – Grade 5
Board Members: Mrs. Ella Novero – Grade 2
Mrs. Catherine Gonzales – Grade 1
Mrs. Yolly Margarico – Grade 10
Mr. Nel Mallari – Grade 8

Induction of the officers took place on December 22, during the 3rd Pasko sa TPS celebration. There were series of monthly meetings and special meetings. The constitution and bylaws of the organization was drafted. In one of the special meetings, an escalation matrix was made. The purpose of the said matrix was to provide a clear guideline to follow in cases of inquiry on school matters.

A good working relation with the faculty is necessary in order for the PTC to fulfill its mandate. In order to strengthen this working relation, the PTC organized a Teachers‟ Day with parents. The primary purpose then was just to break the ice and get to know each other but there were more gains. It was a start of more fellowships to come. There were games, raffle, give away items, laughs, fun, food and more food.

Following are some of the projects/activities undertaken by the council: Christmas caroling with the aim of spreading the spirit to our kabayans here in Dubai; organized with the TPS Choir, inter level parents‟ game in volleyball, basketball and chess during the Foundation Anniversary of the school, Hand in Hand – a mechanism for determining the most appropriate project that will benefit the entire TPS community, lecture on basic entrepreneurship, video demonstration on livelihood programs (embotido making), lecture on goal setting for graduating students by Mr. Rico Cardonega and donation of cooking utensils and appliances for the Technology and Livelihood Laboratory.

The PTC also supported the Bayanihan 2011 which was held in TPS as well as the Walk for the Bones at JBR. There were also several grade level meetings organized which were successful in strengthening home – school partnership.

The Family Day Out sponsored and organized by the different levels served as the seed for a more fruitful relationship between the home and the school. They were attended by the grade level teachers and families and provided color to the history of the PTC.

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