by Aeron Alde

L-R Axelle David Alde of Grade 3-A, Samuel Philip Ballesteros of Grade 8-A, and Isabella Manlangit OF 9A

L-R Axelle David Alde of Grade 3A, Samuel Philip Ballesteros of Grade 8A, and Isabella Manlangit  9A

            Three students  brought honor to The Philippine School- Dubai for their outstanding efforts in the International Benchmark Test (IBT), which bested thousands of other students who took the tests.

Axelle David Alde , Samuel Philip Ballesteros , and Isabella Manlangit got perfect scores in specific subjects. The IBT was an international test initiated by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER), which took place on November 23 to 25, 2016.

                Alde, who received  a perfect score  in Mathematics, said that he usually answers different exercise books and tries to answer some online activities before playing gadgets and basketball.

                Ballesteros, who had no mistakes   in the English test, said “Success is when you keep trying to achieve something great, despite all the failures, until you get the desired result.” He also mentioned that his motivation was getting higher scores than his previous test.

                Manlangit,  with completely correct answers in English, said “Your grades do not define what you can or cannot do! Got a low score in English or Math? That should not stop you from doing your best in other exams, such as the IBT.” She prepared for this test not only by reviewing her books, but also by praying to God and asking for guidance and wisdom. “Always remember to pray to God, at anytime of the day.”

They were each given a Certificate of Honor, a plaque, and 500 AED cash prize by ACER.


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